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   Terms & Conditions / Privacy Policy (AussieXbox.net)
   Posted Jun-14-2006 by
Privacy Policy

This document describes the privacy practices for AussieXbox.net. As part of our commitment to your privacy AussieXbox.net Affiliate/Partner and/or Sponsor sites post and maintain their own privacy policies regarding the use of your information. Please carefully read these policies before taking advantage of their services.

This policy makes clear that AussieXbox.net could merge with or be acquired by another entity. Should this occur you should expect that AussieXbox.net would share some or all of your information with the other entity.

Information We Collect Via Log Files And Cookies:

AussieXbox.net collects information about its users in a number of ways. While a user is on AussieXbox.net or its Affiliate/Partner sites we automatically track certain information through log files and on some pages through cookies. This information includes a users most recent visit the URL they came from the URL they visit next the browser they are using and their IP address.

Information We Collect via User Submission:

We may ask users for personal information when they:

- enter a sweepstakes contest or promotion either sponsored by us or one of our business partners

- take one of our polls or fill out a marketing survey

- sign up for and/or use AussieXbox.net/Partner content or services e.g. AussieXbox.net MyGen.com.au forums etc.

- receive any of our newsletters

When providing AussieXbox.net with information a user is asked to enter their name and/or email address and has the option to provide additional information. Their mailing address may be required to enter contests.

How We Use the Information We Collect:

- to better understand the demographics interests and behavior of our collective audience to deliver advertisements and promotions targeted to their interests

- to deliver prizes or promotional information from AussieXbox.net or its sponsors

Who Else Might See The Information We Collect:

- The Affiliate when a user visits an Affiliate site

- Our Affiliates/Partners or advertisers sponsoring a promotion or event

- Our Affiliates/Partners who provide services such as MyGen.com.au forums etc.

- Advertisers and partners using aggregate anonymous data to profile our collective audience

- Third parties with whom our partners share aggregate anonymous information

- Independent market research companies pursuant to confidentiality agreements

- Law enforcement other government officials or third parties to comply with applicable law or legal process or to protect the personal safety of our users or the public

How You Can Delete Update or Correct Your Information With AussieXbox.net:

To delete update or correct personal information from AussieXbox.net use your [edit player information]. You must resubmit your password before changing any or your player details.

How Your Information Is Protected:

AussieXbox.net takes reasonable precautions to protect information you transmit from loss misuse or alteration.

Children Under 14:

Our site must not be used by children under 14. Children under 14 MUST not submit personal information to AussieXbox.net.

Advertising Information

AussieXbox.net is a non-profit organization. We allow Clans and other non-profit game related sites to advertise with us when there are spots available. If you are a Game Related Company wanting to advertise on AussieXbox.net feel free to contact us.

For more information on sponsoring a AussieXbox.net event contact the Site Admin

AussieXbox.net Copyright Information

AussieXbox.net 2006

About AussieXbox.net

AussieXbox.net is the largest Australian and New Zealand Xbox Live online Community. Our goal is to make your visit a pleasant one and to offer the use of our site and the many features it has. The clan system was introduced May 2005 and its a place for predominately Australian and New Zealand Clans to manage clan matches and view there ranks.

-Please also visit the MyGen.com.au forums that got us where we are today.

-If you have any questions check out the staff page and pop us an email.

Please read the "Site Disclaimer" and "Ladder Rules" before registration. Registration to this site will be seen as your agreement and approval of the Terms & Conditions Site Disclaimer and Ladder Rules

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» How do I validate my account?
» Site Disclaimer (AussieXbox.net)

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