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Fight Night Round 3

EA Sports Fight Night Round 3 Boxing Ladder. When a boxer is hurt you can see the pain in his face. When hes low on stamina you can see the fatigue in his body language. When hes just been clocked by an impact punch you can see the tears in his eyes and the fear in his very soul. With all of this visible in the game EA went ahead and removed the HUD eliminating the health and stamina meters. Keep in mind that the stamina and health system is exactly the same as last year the meters are just hidden. This creates a much more instinctive fight and youll move in for the kill when you see your opponent slouching or cringing not when you see a red energy meter nearly depleted. Its just as exciting to see that youve hurt your opponent and move in for the knockout as the actual knockout blow itself. All of this adds to a much more visceral boxing experience that more closely resembles real-life drama in the ring.

Ladder Details Ladder Type Active Teams Members Allowed View Ladder
ID   Ladder Name Type Players/Teams Min Max Standings
2   Fight Night Rnd 3 / 1v1 1v1 36 1 1 View

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AEST Wednesday, 25 November 2020 12:32 am
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