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Rainbow 6 Vegas

Take to the streets of Sin City and Calypso Casino in Tom Clancy´s Rainbow Six Vegas. Players will experience chaotic online battles in Rainbow Six Vegas. Intense tactical action that requires you to use cover realistically rappel down buildings and smash through windows like a real commando beautiful visuals that let you battle in a glittering first-world setting. Note: This game lags on XBL no matter how good the host is.

Body armor comes in various pieces such as the torso shoulder pads and legs. The weapons in multiplayer are all taken from single-player and there´s a healthy assortment of real-world and prototypical military gear in here divided into shotguns submachine guns light machine guns assault rifles and sniper rifles. Each weapon can be customized individually with various scopes or sights and there are various grenade types that you´d expect like fragmentation smoke and flashbang.

Ladder Details Ladder Type Active Teams Members Allowed View Ladder
ID   Ladder Name Type Players/Teams Min Max Standings
6   Rainbow 6 Vegas Team 102 6 40 View

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