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COD WaW Team Deathmatch HC

Please follow COD4 rules until further notice  

View Ladder Ranks & Stats

   Upcoming Matches
» Soldiers Of COD vs GunneR
» Match Date Saturday May 08 @ 9 pm AEST

   Recent Matches
» (Rk 4) Cold Blood Killers def Dont Drunk Im Shoot (Rk 2)
» (Rk 7) 4sQ. def Cold Blood Killers (Rk 3)
» (Rk 5) GunneR def Dont Drunk Im Shoot (Rk 1)
» (Rk 3) Dont Drunk Im Shoot def Cold Blood Killers (Rk 2)
» (Rk 5) Dont Drunk Im Shoot def UNITED PACIFIC KINGZ (Rk 3)
» (Rk 3) NA$1 def Cold Blood Killers (Rk 1)
» (Rk 5) UNITED PACIFIC KINGZ def Inglorious Bastards (Rk 4)
» (Rk 3) NA$1 def Dont Drunk Im Shoot (Rk 2)
» (Rk 1) Cold Blood Killers def Inglorious Bastards (Rk 11)
» (Rk 1) Cold Blood Killers def Dont Drunk I´m Shoot (Rk 3)
» (Rk 4) Cold Blood Killers def NA$1 (Rk 1)
» (Rk 8) NA$1 def Dont Drunk I´m Shoot (Rk 1)
» (Rk 15) Cold Blood Killers def Soldiers of War Crimes! (Rk 4)
» (Rk 7) The Ivan Milats def SEXY (Rk 2)
» (Rk 5) Pull My Grenade Pin def R3AP3R (Rk 13)
» (Rk 14) Healthy Habits def V8 Hitmen (Rk 9)
» (Rk 14) Soldiers of War Crimes! def THE BROTHER HOOD* (Rk 3)
» (Rk 14) Soldiers of War Crimes! def THE BROTHER HOOD* (Rk 3)
» (Rk 1) Brotherhood Of Assassin def SEXY (Rk 3)
» (Rk 10) The Ivan Milats def Play 4 Fun (Rk 8)

   Ladder Information
» Non-Scheduled Matches are allowed.
Non scheduled matches are matches arranged and confirmed via email and not arranged via the AXB challenge system. This allows teams to have multiple matches on one night or over a few days. All match arrangements must be confirmed via email between team leaders. Emails must be saved as evidence in case a team fails to show up.

Teams may decline a challenge made via email but once they have accepted and confirmed a match date all standard ladder rules apply. It is important that these matches be reported in the order they were played or rankings will not be accurate.

» Challenging via the ladder system is allowed.

» A team must have at least 8 members before requesting to be ranked, playing matches or reporting matches.

» Teams can have up to 50 members.

» For every 14 days you do not play a match you will be dropped 2 ranks.

» If you continue to stay inactive for 42 days your team will be deleted. This is to keep inactive players from clogging the ranks.

» Items in RED vary from ladder to ladder. Please check the Information for each ladder and the rules for each ladder as settings can be very different.
   Challenge Information
» Challenging is allowed.

» Do not challenge teams with red locks next to their team name. These teams have over 2 forfeits losses or wins and are either inactive or have moved up ranks by challenging inactive or undermanned teams to gain wins. Teams can reduce their forfeits stats everytime they report a match loss or win.

» You can challenge teams up to any ranks above your team if they are free for challenging.

» A team has 60 hours to respond to your challenge.

» A challenged team must then respond to your challenge selecting 6 time/dates and 4 maps.

» The earliest a match can be scheduled for is 12 hours after the latest finalizing time.

» The latest a match can be scheduled for is 10 days after the the latest finalizing time.

» Match times can be between 7 pm and 10 pm AEST.

» You must then finalize the challenge within 48 hours of the challenged team accepting.

» You will then need to select 4 of the maps and one of the times to have the match.

» The maps you pick must be played in the order the challenged team selected them (or as the ladder rules stipulate).

» If for some reason a match goes beyond the maps selected before the match ends the designated tie-breaker map will be played. Refer to the rules for each ladder for more details.

» The match must be played at the final selected time by the challenger. Team leaders may agree to reschedule but must confirm with each other via email 24Hrs in advance of final selected time.

» If a team does not show up 30 minutes after the match is to start / or a team quits a match on purpose it is considered a forfeit to the non-showing / match quitting team.

The opposition leader must be contacted via email with 2 hrs of the no-show / unfinished match and asked to report a loss. Please copy the Admin email address (CC) in on this email for our records. Make sure to save a record of having organised and confirmed the match details with the opposition either by email / or MSN conversation logs, as matches will require verification that they were properly organised.

» For teams accused of no-shows > If you cannot prove that you were ready at the confirmed match date/time or that you had notified the opposition 24Hrs in advance of problems or requested a date/time change, then the opposition will be awarded the match and you will be required to post a loss within 24hrs. Teams failing to post losses within 24Hrs of the scheduled match time will face suspension from the ladder.

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