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   Gears of War Execution Rules [All Ladders]
» 1- Battle Fair Play & Conduct
» 2 - Player Accounts
» 3 - Challenging and Match Set-Up
» 4 - Match Scoring
» 5 - Automated and Manual Ranking System
» 6 - Team or Player No Shows / Time Wasting
» 7 - Player In-Game Drop Outs + Match Hosts
» 8 - Match Gentleman´s Agreement
» 9 - Players Swapping Teams
   1- Battle Fair Play & Conduct
It is our aim at aussiexbox.net/MyGen.com.au to have everyone play on equal terms and have all players and teams conduct themselves in a sporting manner. These rules are self-governed and TEAM LEADERS are responsible to ensure that these rules are adhered to by all their own players.

1.00 This ladder has been set up for fun social matches between like minded gamers. Without exception all team members and team leaders must show each other RESPECT before during and after matches.

1.01 The following rules have been written down to ensure fair play & sportmanship between all. It is the responsibility of all members of this ladder to know and understand the rules before accepting a challenge or playing in a match.

1.02 Abusing Admins or Opposition Players in any manner is unacceptable and reports of abusive players/teams will lead to players/teams being banned from the competition. This includes in-game verbal abuse foul or degrading language XBL messages and/or written chat and email abuse. Players/Teams will face a 2 week match playing ban if found to have breached this rule. More serious breaches can lead to players being banned from the ladder/website forever.

1.03 Teams and players who join this ladder and attempt to cheat the ladder system in anyway will be immediately removed.

1.04 "Glitching" (using errors in the game architecture) and abusing the In-Game mechanics in ANY way is not tolerated - this includes the use of turbo controllers during match play.

1.05 The use of any communications other than what is provided within the particular Xbox 360 game is prohibited. This includes any chats via the Xbox 360 chat system chat programs or telephone.

1.06 Teams must of consist of no more than 2 designated team leaders one whose email will be the one designated for team email notifications. This is so the Admin and other leaders know who to contact if problems occur.

1.07 Problems & Complaints

99% of match problems occur because teams do not communicate properly with other. Please confirm all details of matches in writing via email (even if challenging via the ladder system) If problems occur during the match team leaders are expected to resolve the issue quickly and calmly by following the rules.

If teams do not show for confirmed matches please email the opposition leader and ask them to post a loss - CC or copy me in on the email for my records. If your team had not shown up for a match or was short of players and the match could not go ahead then you are expected to post a loss within 24Hrs of the match time.

Basically team leaders are asked to do as much as they can to sort out confirmations and resolve problems with other teams via email so that we can spend more time improving the ladders rather than enforcing the rules.

If problems occur that cannot be sorted out by the respective Team Leaders they may request (via email only) a ruling from the Admin.

a. All correspondence regarding the complaint and subsequent replies must be submitted by designated team leaders only and must not to be distributed to team members unless authorised by the admin.

b. All correspondence must be clear & concise and concern the complaint only. Any use of foul degrading or abusive language will result in the offending leader being banned from the ladder for 2 weeks.

c. Players asked to supply further information will do so in the same manner (see above).

d. Players attempting to mislead or supply false information to the Admin will be banned immediately for an indefinite period.

e. Problems will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

1.08 All Admin decisions are final.

Rules are subject to change at any time so please check them often. If after reading these rules you have any questions or do not understand a rule please contact the Admin (houdini RIP) via email so that he can explain. If you find that a particular rule is causing problems or you want to suggest rule amendments please log into MyGEN.com.au and visit the Clans forum. Threads are available for everyone to post ideas and comments.

Last Updated February 27, 5:21 PM

   2 - Player Accounts
2.00 Player account names must be the same as their XBL gamertags. If you own more than one gamertag you are only allowed to use one of these gamertags for player sign-up. You are not allowed to utilise any other gamertags you own for new player sign-ups for yourself or your friends.

2.01 Before signing up and whilst active in the competition all players must have the following:
a. A valid XBL membership
b. A working Xbox 360 and Xbox 360 XBL microphone/headset
c. Access to an active email address and access to a web browser

If a player wishes to sign up to the ladder and does not have all of the above items they must contact the Admin to have their player account verified and approved.

2.02 Team mates will no longer be allowed to sign up on behalf of new players. IP addresses are recorded automatically by the ladder and players found using duplicate IP addresses will have their accounts removed.

2.03 Only one player account is allowed per household. Families or housemates using the same internet access must contact the Admin to have their player account verified and approved.

2.04 In the case that family members/housemates living in the same household or appartment have been allowed to register by the admin and they are also in the same team/clan - they must not play in the same matches together.

Last Updated December 06, 8:19 PM

   3 - Challenging and Match Set-Up
3.01 Challenges can be arrange via the ladder challenge system. Teams failing to respond within the 48Hr time limit to official ladder challenges challenge confirmations and finalizations will be deemed as forfeiting the match.

3.02 TEAM LEADERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ORGANISING MATCHES with your team members and the opposition. Please ensure you give everyone plenty of notice via email MSN or text messages have players that are reliable and that confirm their availability and that all parties know the match details.

3.03 Teams below 4th rung on the ladder can only challenge teams above their own team rank to matches on GOW multiplayer maps.

3.04 Teams are required to play the designated settings for all matches as follows:

Settings / Game Mode - Execution (Teams may agree to play any other game type/settings but this must be done 24Hrs before match time)

Maps - Pre-choose the 4 maps with higher ranked team choosing 2 maps and the lower ranked team choosing 2 maps

Hosts - unless agreed that there is only one host for the entire match match starts with lower ranked team hosting the first 2 maps starting with their map choice / opposition choose cog or locus followed by higher ranked team´s map choice with the lower ranked team choosing cog or locust.

Selected Map - Custom Cycle [you can press "Y" to custom set the 2 maps that are chosen by the teams before setting up as a host or simply ´Play generated maps´]

Rounds - First to 5 round wins on each map - spawns are not swapped. The team that wins most maps out of the 4 maps is the match winner. Please keep score of round wins and map wins and you team players kills for reporting.

Bleed Out Duration - 20

Round Duration - 5 Minutes

Friendly Fire - On

Weapons Swapped - No

GPS - Off

Weapons - default settings [the host can turn all "pick up" weapons off]

Tie Breaker - In the event that the scores are drawn after 4 maps - a first to 3 round wins match will be played (team with highest accumulated round wins for the match will hosts / other team chooses map)

3.05 Teams must play minimum of 1 different team before challenging/playing the same team again. (in other words you cannot play the same team twice in a row)

3.06 Teams leaders must nominate their maps choices via the comments/text input section of the challenge and the opposition to include these maps and their own in their confirmation. Alternatively this can by done via email prior to the challenge being posted.

3.07 Unranked (NEW) teams must be ranked before they can challenge or be challenged (need to PM or email houdini RIP)

3.08 Teams should only challenge teams ranked higher than them on the ladder (Top 4 ranked teams may challenge teams no lower than 2 ranks below thier current rank)

3.09 Unscheduled matches are allowed (these are matches that are not set up via the official ladder online challenge system). Maps can be chosen using the same system as Scheduled matches. Rules for reporting remain the same - loser reports loss first followed by winner. All stats are recorded as per normal.

3.10 Teams must adhere to the official ladder challenge rules. The ladder rules are updated from time to time so please check them regularly.

3.11 Ladder positions challenged for may change prior to match time ie. if the results of other team matches happen to change ladder rankings prior to your match

3.12 Only 4 Vs 4 games are allowed if a suitable host/server is available. Team leaders are to work out player numbers based on an available host. It is for this reason that team leaders are encouraged to recruit players that can host.

3.13 To ensure fair play matches should only be played with even numbers on each team. It will be left up to team leaders to agree on a compromise if teams are short of players. If a compromise cannot be agreed on the team short of a player/s will be required to forfeit the match.

3.14 Map playing order > higher ranked team plays first choice map followed by lower ranked team choice followed by higher ranked team choice followed by lower ranked team choice.

Last Updated January 17, 1:07 PM

   4 - Match Scoring

4.00 Each team must have a scorer who has 10 seconds to note which team wins each round which team wins each map and their teams player kill counts. Scorers are to check with opposition scorers after each round to ensure their round scores match.

4.01 Draws rounds are considered one round

4.02 Matches are decided by whichever team wins the most maps out of the 4

4.03 Losing team leaders must be the first to report losses online at in the aussiexbox GOW Clan War section with 24Hrs of the match. They also must advise the opposition leaders as soon as they have done this so that the winning team can finalise & confirm the match report. When reporting rounds wins will designate the winner of the match - the map wins are for stat purposes only.

4.04 Teams failing to post losses within 48hrs from the end of the match will have their loss posted by the admin - player/team kill counts will not be entered for the losing team.

4.05 Admin will not correct mistakes made by leaders when entering individual kill counts so please ensure you correctly check all data before submitting scores

Last Updated January 16, 3:45 PM

   5 - Automated and Manual Ranking System
The automated challenge system is now active so leaders are reminded to check the ladder every day for challenges - you have only 48Hrs to respond or forfeits will be awarded. Some of the ladder system is automated and some isn´t - if team leaders notice positions have not moved after match results have been submitted please contact the Site Admin

5.00 If the higher ranked team (defender) wins then both teams keep their current positions on the ladder. Win/loss record is adjusted accordingly

5.01 If the lower ranked team (attacker) wins then it moves up to the ladder position of the higher ranked team. The losing team then drops down one rung therefore dropping everybody below the losing team down one rung as well. Win/loss records are adjusted accordingly. (manually done by admin)

5.02 If the higher ranked team (defender) is awarded the forfeit win both teams are freed up to continue challenging on the ladder. The losing team is moved down 1 place on the ladder.

5.03 If the lower ranked team (attacker) is awarded the forfeit win they take the ladder rung of the higher ranked team and the higher ranked team moves down 1 place of the ladder´s total rungs.

5.04 If a team declines a challenge the challenger is awarded the ladder rung of the decliner and the decliner moves down 1 place on the ladder.

5.05 Inactivity for over 7 days will result in a team being moved down 1 place on the ladder. If your team holds top spot on the ladder you will have to arrange matches via email with other teams as the ladder code will not allow you to automatically challenge teams.

5.06 If a team leader makes a mistake making & confirming challenges or reporting matches please notify the other team and houdini RIP immediately

5.07 If teams have not responded to challenges made via the ladder system please email their team leader directly and cc the Admin. This will be proof of your challenge and if the oppositon still not have responded after 48Hrs your team will be awarded a forfeit win

Last Updated December 06, 8:20 PM

   6 - Team or Player No Shows / Time Wasting
6.00 All teams are required to show up with correct number of players to start the match. Teams should always have an additional substitute player on stand-by in case one of their team does not show up.

6.01 Teams failing to turn up on time ready to play for an official scheduled match (one that has been accepeted and finalized via the ladder) will be given 30 minutes from the scheduled start time to arrange replacements and be ready to start play before the opposition can claim a forfeit

6.02 Where Teams do not show up at all to officially scheduled matches the opposition team will receive a forfeit. Teams leaders are asked to email each other no less than 24hrs before scheduled matches if they wish to reschedule. If both leaders agree a rescheduled match must occur with 48Hrs of the first official match date/time.

6.03 To receive a no show win the Admin must be notified within 3Hrs of the scheduled match start time to assess the situation

6.04 Sportmanship patience and fair play is expected when waiting for matches to start but do not expect other teams to be patient with you if your team is continually late to start matches

6.05 Keeping quiet in the lobby helps team leaders and scorers manage the game. Players are asked to keep lobby chat to a minimum so that the matches are completed as quickly as possible

Last Updated December 06, 8:20 PM

   7 - Player In-Game Drop Outs + Match Hosts
7.00 Teams must decide on which team member has the best connection to host a particular match based on player numbers - these hosts must have a proven track record of hosting games on GOW - (ie. minimum upload speed of 512Kb/s for 8 players - preferable all hosts are those with 1Mb upload speeds)

7.01 All hosts and players must ensure that if using routers they are set up properly to maximise Xbox Live play. Please note that using a Hub USB/ethernet configuration or wireless will reduce connection speeds. Wireless networks are not as fast as wired. Ensure that your network speed is not being reduced by other users or your own PC

7.02 Please also note that some ISP broadband accounts also involve ´shaping´ which will reduce your bandwidth speeds once you reach a certain download amount.

7.03 Host rankings will come into play soon - leaders are asked to submit their designated hosts at the MyGen forum thread for ranking status. Matches are to be played on the host with the highest ranking and only with the number of players that host is ranked for.

Due to unforseen player drop outs during matches the following should be adhered to by the host/leaders of the match (these rules will be modified after extensive testing with GRAW)

7.04 If a player/s drops out during round start up the round is immediately aborted and restarted by the host. Players are asked to kill their own players to let the host know someone has dropped out.

7.05 If a player/s drop out mid-round...

Leaders can decide prior to match start to follow one of the following methods:

a) Host must abort the round - the round is replayed with all players alive

b) Game continues

7.06 If there are continual player drop outs Leaders can agree to change hosts

7.07 If there is no alternative host or team leaders cannot agree that changing hosts will improve gameplay team leaders must agree to drop the amount of players on each team and continue playing.

Please Note:

Lag issues can be caused by a number of factors so don´t always blame the host - you will generally get a little frame lag at the start of game which will correct itself. If players start teleporting around the screen then there´s cause for concern - explosives certain maps continuous use by all players of machine guns and players with PC´s connected to routers can cause lag - sometimes it´s problems with ISP´s or XBL.

Team Leaders/Hosts are expected to do their best to solve the problem without arguements so that you can continue to play. The best solution is to try another host if they have a similar connection or reduce the number of players on each team.

Last Updated December 06, 8:40 PM

   8 - Match Gentleman´s Agreement
8.00 Leaders may agree apon changing ´Weapons Swapping if they both agree - otherwise the standard settings are the only settings allowed.

Last Updated December 06, 8:42 PM

   9 - Players Swapping Teams
9.00 A PLAYER (refer to Player definition below) who changes teams from one ranked ladder team to another ranked team on the same ladder will be required to inform houdini RIP via email. A mandatory 2 week match playing ban will be placed on the player from the time the email is received. This rule has been included to stop players messing about with squads on purpose

9.01 This rule does not apply if the player:

a. Forms/joins a new unranked team on the ladder

b. If the player has never played an official match with the ranked team he/she is leaving

9.02 Players who find themselves signed up to a team without their consent must inform the admin via email ASAP so they can be removed from the team

9.03 Teams who play with a player who has swapped between ranked teams without fulfulling his/her 2 week match playing ban will:

a. Forfeit all matches and individual/team kill stats for matches that this player was involved in. The opposition teams of these matches will be awarded wins and retain their individual/team kill stats from the match in question.

9.04 PLAYER DEFINITION A player is defined as being one individual living person - this person may happen to have multiple player accounts or IP addresses or email addresses or XBL gamertags but is deemed the same player (regardless of the player account name) if he or she is the same person.

Last Updated December 06, 8:21 PM

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